Activating Favour in your Life

Activating Favour in your Life

Activating Favour in your Life

In the last 2 weeks, we have discussed the Favour of God in our lives. We said to be Favoured is to be on the good side of unfairness. Favour ain’t Fair. We also looked at the sequence of favour – Favour with men is preceded by Favour with God. If your ways please God, he will make even your enemies become well-wishers.

Today, we will briefly discuss 3 ways by which we can activate Favour in our lives.

  1. Believe It. Although God’s favour is available to all of his children, it is not released when there is no faith behind it. If you have not been taught about God’s favour, then you don’t believe in it and it is therefore not released. Favour is made available by the Grace of God but it takes faith to receive what Grace has made available. Have faith in the concept of Divine Favour
  1. Expect It. When you believe in it, then you can expect it to happen to you. You may believe God’s Favour exists but not really expect it to work for you. Begin to go into each day of your life actually expecting (looking forward to) Favour to show up for you. Expect it in little things and in big things.
  1. Give It. The final step of activating favour in your life is to also take advantage of every opportunity to show favour to someone else.
  • Believe it
  • Expect it
  • Give it

Yours in HIM,

Moyin Ojo


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