Mar 2018
Message "...And We Know Part 2 and 3"

Topic: …And We KNOW Acts 17:16-17 1 John 5:15-21 1.I know that God hears me 2. I know I have what I desire of HIM 3. I know that sin can not rule over me 4. I know I am of GOD Listen to the Full message here Part 2 and Part 3 Rom 6:14 Numbers 14:28 If you think about something long enough, you will say it and if you say it, God listens. We are GOD’s prized possession We are of GOD Let there be no doubt where you belong......

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Feb 2018
Message Download: The Blessing of Abraham

An understanding of the Abrahamic Blessing and the Covenant that backs it up has been a major bedrock of my Christian experience. When anyone comes to the revelation knowledge of The Blessing, they never remain the same. The Blessing is God’s empowerment to do well. Potentially, every Christian can operate in The Blessing but not everyone does. Your Awareness of and Faith in The Blessing make the difference. Listen and download to the Ful Message Here...

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