If you are a New Testament Christian, you can believe. If you believe, all things are possible to him that believes. This week, I want to discuss the process of the ‘Life of Faith’ with us.

All things are possible to 2 categories of Beings;
1. God Himself (Mat 19:26, Mk 10:27, Lk 1:37) and 
2. He who believes. (Mk 9:23, John 11:40)

Please take the time to read the Scripture references above. Having read them once, start again and read through one more time. You will see that all things are possible to God but not to God alone. If a human can believe, he can have all things as well.

The work for us is to get ourselves in the position to Believe. The question is ‘How do we do that?’

  1. Understand that the seed of Faith is already planted in every Born Again Child of God. Rom 12:3. You have the capacity to believe and that is a big deal.
  2. Understand that Faith for any promise can be found primarily in the promise itself, e.g Faith for healing is in ‘By His stripes I am healed’. Rom 10:17
  3. Understand that the Word of God which is the source of faith requires full attention before faith is released from it.
    1. Attend a Church where the Word is taught. That will be a catalyst to your private study.
    2. Take time to feed yourself daily. That is your responsibility. Joshua 1:8, Prov 4:20-22, James 1:25
    3. Ensure the Word comes out your mouth non-stop. Mk 11:23

If we are willing to take time to apply ourselves, then we can believe. If we believe, all things are possible too him that believeth.

Yours in HIM
Moyin Ojo

TSC Kuwait


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