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Nov 2018

If you are a New Testament Christian, you can believe. If you believe, all things are possible to him that believes. This week, I want to discuss the process of the ‘Life of Faith’ with us. All things are possible to 2 categories of Beings; 1. God Himself (Mat 19:26, Mk 10:27, Lk 1:37) and  2. He who believes. (Mk 9:23, John 11:40) Please take the time to read the Scripture references above. Having read them once, start again and read through one more time. You will see that all things are possible to God......

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Oct 2018
Church in Kuwait

This week, I came across this saying and gave it some thought; ‘If you find yourself along a path with no obstacles, it probably leads nowhere‘. At every stage of our lives, we must be going somewhere. We must be pursuing something. There must be a goal ahead. We must be on a path leading to a destination. Phil 3:13. Forgetting the already achieved goals and pressing in to the yet-to-be achieved ones. In view of the above, we are always trying to break new grounds, to tread new paths. However, on every new......

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