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Mar 2018

Glory to God! It was our first Friday service in the state of Kuwait on the 9th March 2018. Friday Service is our usual “Sunday service” as in most parts of the world; been in the Middle East, Fridays and Saturdays are weekends while Sunday begins the work week. The Stone Church Kuwait is indeed a church of all nations, a truly cosmopolitan Church with members from several nationalities across Europe, Africa, Asia and The Americas. We had at least one person from different regions. It was really an exciting time at......

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Feb 2018
Activating Favour in your Life

Activating Favour in your Life In the last 2 weeks, we have discussed the Favour of God in our lives. We said to be Favoured is to be on the good side of unfairness. Favour ain’t Fair. We also looked at the sequence of favour – Favour with men is preceded by Favour with God. If your ways please God, he will make even your enemies become well-wishers. Today, we will briefly discuss 3 ways by which we can activate Favour in our lives. Believe It. Although God’s favour is available to......

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