The Will of God for my Life

The Will of God for my Life

Dear Friends,

Thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts with you. I am thinking about a question which I get asked very often; ‘How can I know The Will of God for my life?’ 
There are two sets of answers to this question – the generic and the specific.

For every child of God, the Bible spells out the general Will of God;

•    He wants everyone to be saved 1Tim 2:4

•    He wants everyone healed Mat 8:17

•    He wants everyone to prosper Ps 35:27

•    He wants everyone to be free from the power of Sin Rom 6:14

•    He wants everyone to enjoy the pleasure of a good family Ps 68:6

•    …….and the list goes on
However, when it comes to personal choices and directions, we will not find every answer on the pages of the Bible.


Where should I live?

Which profession should I pursue?

Which venture should I invest in?

Which of these 2 job offers should I accept?

Which Ministry should I serve in?

Who should I marry?

…….and the list goes on.

The answers to your life questions are pre-programmed in you. 

By ‘you’, I mean your Spirit. You are essentially a Spirit (in the likeness of God), you have a Soul (Mind, Will, Emotions) and you live in a Body. You are not your Body, your Body is just your house. The real you is your Spirit and your Spirit is the repository of all knowledge concerning you. See 1Cor 2:11

The problem is that many times, we are spiritually weak and our Spirits are in the dark. That is when we don’t know what to do. David prayed in Psalms 18:28 – oh Lord, thou willst lighten my candle. David prayed that Prayer because he understood what the Bible says in Prov 20:27.

The Spirit of man is the candle that God uses to shine the light on the man’s pathway in life. When we get saved, we receive the Holy Spirit; his job is to enlighten our Spirit along the pathway of life.

When I get to decision points in life, I know the answer is inside me. I set time aside to ‘search’ the plan of God for me. 1 Cor 2:10b. The Spirit of Man searches the deep things of God. I would cut off every other voice and just spend time (sometimes several hours over several weeks) praying in tongues. Not asking God for anything but just seeking light on the matter at hand. In every case, the candle of the Lord (my Spirit) shines light on the darkness. I just know what to do, who to call, which to take etc. We may not always be able to answer the next 10 questions, but we at least have enough light to take the next step.

The tragedy in the Body of Christ today is that many are looking for Prophets to tell them what to do. No man knows the things of a man like the man himself! (See 1Cor 2:11 again) You are the Primary Prophet of your life! The Prophet’s Ministry should only compliment what you already do for yourself. God will never put your life in some other person’s hands.

If you can be disciplined enough to set apart yourself to seek him, light will shine.

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