Why Are We Here 2



I do hope that ‘lines are falling in the pleasant places for you’ and that you have been fighting for stoppage times to ask self-probing questions like ‘Why am I here’? Today, I want to add a few words to the discussion about why we are here.

Do you remember this from last week? – There is a Master plan in place for you. You don’t have to design a plan for yourself, you only have to find his plan and obediently walk in it. Jere 1:5

Before God made you, he had a plan for you. Your opinion did not matter when the plan was made, it still doesn’t matter now! Our job is not to make the plan but to find it and choose to follow it.

A good question at this point is ‘How do I find the plan’? Below are some useful answers.

  1. Search inside you. Prov 20:27. Your Spirit is the light that God uses to help you search the inward parts of your being. The more you pray in the Spirit, the brighter that light becomes and the clearer your pre-programmed purpose in life becomes.
  2. Identify your strengths and natural affinities. Since God knew why he made you before making you, he made you exactly what you need to be for fulfilling your purpose. It would be unfair for him to ask to do what he has not equipped me for. Your natural traits, strengths and the things you are passionate about are good pointers to why you are here.
  3. Read the quiet messages in the opportunities that cross your path. Many of the things that happen to you and the doors that open to you are indications of the direction that God wants to take you. Watch carefully for any trends in occurrences around your life. That invitation may be a lifetime opportunity
  4. Whatever your hands find to do, do with all your might. Don’t sit doing nothing while you are seeking God’s direction. Just get busy; you will find that many things happen ‘along the way’.

Moyin Ojo

The Stone Church Kuwait


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