Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?

Dear Friends,

Have you ever stopped to ask the question – Why are we here?

In the face of ever increasing activities competing for our time, it is sometimes difficult to just STOP. If you never STOP, you never ask such self-probing questions like – ‘Why am I here’? How am I doing with the things that really matter? Am I allowing my day-to-day struggles to derail my real journey?

I encourage you to fight for stoppage times – when you cut off everything and everybody and just reflect. Such times invite God to shine his light on life’s purposes. God is not an aimless creator, he never created anything without a clearly defined purpose.

There is a Master-plan in place for you. You don’t have to design a plan for yourself, you only have to find his plan and obediently walk in it. Jer. 1:5

We never find full inner satisfaction until we are in the perfect Will of God. Your place in God’s Kingdom is where your fulfillment is. You will find that all of life’s goods do not satisfy. Luke 12:15

Satan’s attacks on you are mostly not aimed at you but at your purpose. The reason walls arise in front of you is to stop the plan on the other side.

The purpose of God for you has nothing to do with how good you are. God fully intends to fulfill his plan by his strength. He only needs your cooperation 1Cor 1:26

No matter how far from the mark you are right now, re-routing is always possible. This is the power of God’s Grace. Rom 11:29

We will discuss each of these in greater detail in the coming weeks.

Moyin Ojo


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